BTS of our #SS17-#38 Look Book!




Each season we create a look book for our collection. We have been doing this for several seasons now and although it’s difficult and challenging it is very fun to do. We start the planing as soon as the collection is all laid out and most of the samples are done.

We then begin casting the models which for me is so essential because it really sends the right message and tone. I have this image in my head and we tend to look for that image. However this changes when we see the models. I wanted to find a girl that was chill, relaxed and had this air of nonchalance. After seeing several girls I ended up with two Hannah & Sam. I have worked with Sam already before and she is slowly turning into my muse. I love her vibe and her tranquility.
The collection is very fluid and this fluid quality was something that I wanted to capture in my mens collection. I always wanted to work with Joanne Bitagcol for my look book. In fact she has shot my collections twice before. I love her androgynous quality and her innate sense of style is impeccable. I have always wanted to have her model my mens line and now finally we get to do this. It was great working with her as she was just sublime.

I always go with young photographers to capture my look books as I find working with young people very intoxicating and exciting. I found Cenon Noria through my stylist Melvin Monica. Melvin and I have been working for over a decade and he styled the entire collection. I love working with Melvin as he is so chill and wonderful.
Cenon did an amazing job! I love the way he captured the collections easy attitude.

It takes a village to make fashion and I wouldn’t have been able to do this with out the help of several important people. Topping that list the MAC cosmetics lead and the amazing people of Toni and Guy head by the talented Mattie. We pride ourselves in being in full detail from head to the toe so huge thanks to Salon de Laurel for keeping our nails on point. Some of our shoes were made in house but some of them were also lent to us by the kind people of Doc Martens and Renegage folk. I really love how it all looked.The Accessories play such an important role in our look book so thanks you to Miadore, Ornamento and HeyJow. All of which really added that special touch that completed the entire look.
Finally a huge heaps of thanks to my entire team! Teamwork its everything and without all of you this would just be in my head. You make my visions a reality and I am deeply grateful.