Our Cruise/Transitional Collection 2017 #AlCHEMIE




It is with deep joy and satisfaction that I share with you some images of our coming cruise/transitional collection that we have entitled #ALCHEMIE. The cruise collection has always been an exciting period in our fashion calendars because it is truly a time where we can experiment and try out different ideas and techniques. It is the shortest period of a collection being on the floor and therefore we take some liberties and try out new ideas that will in many ways will have a distinct impact in what we create in the future.

It is in the spirit of of experimentation that we entitle the collection. An homage to the process of finding gold. I loved that idea of research and trial and error and so the collection is simply that. Each season we take great effort in preparing a look book for the collection so that we can fully express what we as a brand are trying to say. It’s really a wonderful experience. After the whole process of working out the prototypes and getting ready with the samples we begin casting the models for the shoot. Each collection conveys a different story and so the models really play an vital role. I knew I wanted to work with one of my favourites Anna Buquid for the look book so we based a lot of the casting around her. I am so happy we found this wonderful new models Yaofa Dela Cruz who is so well proportioned. I really love how long and lithe she was. For the male models we had to search longer for the right one we tried several. However when I heard and saw that Jay Jackson was in town I knew that I had to work with him all over again. We already did my look book with him several years ago so I wanted to work with him once more.

It takes an entire village to make fashion and if it wasn’t for my able team I don’t think we would be able to pull this off so efficiently. I also worked with several partners to make my vision a reality. For the make up we had MAC Cosmetics come in and we had Raf Bardon and Ryan Wong in the helm. I love how they got the look so perfectly. We pride ourselves in making sure that we get the look on point from nails to toes. So we are so grateful to POSH NAILS for our fabulous nail designs and SM Parisian for the beautiful shoes that perfectly complimented the look.

Our hair was done in house as we have now in our repertoire salon services via the SALON de LAUREL. My styling was lead by the super talented Melvin Mojica who has been a constant collaborator for my brand for several years now. I love working with him as he provides a new perspective of what we do. He also understands the brand very well so having him on board makes me feel relaxed and secure. Finally we have Patrick Diokno taking our photos. I always love working with brand new photographers as my work gets a different dimension when shot with a different eye. I have worked with Patrick before and I was so happy with the work he has done. I am glad to work with him again.

Here are a few images from our new collection #ALCHEMIE! This will be available real soon at The House of Laurel and The RAJO store.