The Dior 70 year retrospective- Part 2




The next room was simply breathtaking as it was the largest room and this contained all the evening gowns. The evening dresses were on several podiums as if reaching for the heavens. The room had a moving projector with images that would change from the Versaille like ball room to an star filled evening. It was really magical. At the opposite end of the hall were all the recent evening gowns created for several of the world most famous celebrities. Most of the important gowns that were made for the Oscars and other events were present. I loved how I was able to really look so close to the details that most disappears in print or in the TV. I had to sit this room out as I was beginning to hyperventilate with excitement! LOL!

Then came another room filled with the art collection of Christian Dior. Each piece very special as this clearly inspired the master. I loved looking each piece and thinking how did this inspire him and what he felt while looking at them? Just when you thought that it was over then came another room filled with pieces based on his major themes. Like flowers in the garden or Adventures from distant lands. Africa, Asia etc. We then cascaded to the second floor and the stair case descending were filled
with magazine covers with the Dior dresses on the cover. I was like my goodness. This was really something else. On this floor were all the items created by the house however done in a miniature version. I almost fainted with delight. Each one grouped in a color story of sorts and each one more beautiful than the next.

Then came more tableaus with different groupings of dresses with a common theme. It was such a delight. I really could have stayed much much longer however we had a dinner appointment. I just want to share this with all of you who follow my blog. It was truly one of the highlights of my recent trip.