10 hours in Auckland, New Zealand!




Nix and I decided to explore Auckland before heading off the the Souht Islands. Since it was our first time in New Zealand we wanted to get ourselves acquainted with the culture and it’s people. We only had less than 12 hours so the best way was to go on this comprehensive tours that took you around town. We found a great company that zipped us around in 3 hours. The best thing about it was it was not a large group. In fact we we were just 3 in the tour and this made it feel more special.

We began our day with a hearty breakfast. Our hotel literally just opened so in a way it was like a soft opening of sorts. They didn’t have coffee yet so that was a downer but the breakfast service was so good and this made up for them not having coffee. LOL! We then walked towards the tourist information center where we found the express three hour tour of Auckland. My highlight of the tour was visiting this beautiful winter garden/greenhouse which is home to some of the most beautiful flowers. I really loved walking around the different species and learning more about them. We then took a shot hike to see a giant crater which was really interesting. It was actually an extinct volcano that is now covered in foliage.

Soon after we went to this place called the One Tree hill which interestingly enough the tree was cut down by a deranged local so the tree isn’t there anymore. Legend says that no tree would ever replace it. people have tried to plant a tree back but nothing grew. What remains is an obelisk sculpture. A reminder of what was this glorious tree of the past. While walking there we saw tons of sheep which galavant the entire city. It is said that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand and I am really inclined to believe that.

The tour ended just in time for lunch. We decided to have lunch at the Eliott Stables. Which is a beautiful space composed of several restaurant. It was actually like a chic food court. The food wasn’t amazing so I wouldn’t go back but it was nice to see.

We then wanted to see more of auckland so we went up to the tallest tower to get a 360 degree view of the city. We finally had time to chill and get some great coffee and take it all in. It was really the best way to experience this place all in under 10 hours.