One of the stop of the maiden voyage of The Super Star Virgo is a favourite destination HONG KONG! We only had 7 hours to spare and I had to be really smart about what I wanted to do. I had a few things on my to do list and I am really proud that I was able to accomplish it all.

First was to get a few supplies from Aesop. I hope that one day we will have this in Manila because it truly is one of my biggest and most important luxuries. Second on my agenda is the ART BASEL which was happening when we docked. Actually that whole weekend in HONG KONG would be dedicated to art and there were so many events happening but I only had tickets for ART BASEL. So off we went and immersed ourselves with some thought provoking food for the soul.

We gave ourselves less than 2 hours to absorb everything and it was wonderful. There were actually two floors of art and galleries that were showing but I only had time for one floor and to be honest it was enough. I noticed that there were so many bright vivid colors in the fair which made me optimistic. Colours usually translate to joyful experiences or perhaps a way to escape reality. On the other hand there were also a great representation of quite art. Which were mostly monochromatic black and white. These quiet pieces were just as powerful and expressive. I for one gravitated towards these pieces.

After taking all that art in. My friends and I got hungry and I luckily managed to secure a table at MOTT 32 which is arguably the hottest Chinese restaurant now in HK. There we were in this beautifully decorated dungeon reflecting on the Art Basel and just an overwhelming sensation of gratitude. As we feasted on MOTT 32’s infamous duck which is now closely being herald as the Birkin of Birds together with the BBQ iberian pork and more dishes that were actually not on the menu. We all thoroughly enjoyed.

As always by the time we looked at our watches it was time to head back to the ship. We happily made it in time and thought to myself this is by far the shortest amount of time that I have spent in HK.