A COSPLAY Christmas party!




To say that Christmas in the Philippines is important and massive is an understatement! We begin the festivities in September and it fades off by February. We take these things really seriously. I usually like to celebrate the Christmas parties early so we usually celebrate this in the first week of December.

I really look forward to celebrating this with my team and employees as it’s one of the few occasions that we can all literally put our hair down enjoy ourselves. I begin the festivities by celebrating a holy mass as this signifies our gratitude for the Lords blessings.

This year we thought of having a Costume party and it was such a delight to see several of my team really have a go at it. I was really impressed. We also encourage dance or song numbers for our team as this promotes solidarity and invokes a huge sense of fun and laughter. We have a wonderful meal together and I make sure that everyone has a smile on their faces. I am deeply thankful and grateful of the blessings of my team and employees as without these hard working men and women many of my dreams would only be in my head.

Perhaps my purpose is a way for me to make their own dreams and aspirations come true? For now let me share with you some of the highlights from our Christmas party!