How wonderful it is to be able to host a dinner for a few close friends, my family and my team. There was really no “special occasion” just an evening of delicious food, an abundance of drinks and lots of love and gratitude.

This was just the case when Salvatore Cuomo together with Tim Yap and Javi Martinez asked me to organize a dinner for their “Designer Dinner series”. While I was thinking of the guest list. I wanted to really have my team present at the dinner as they are an important and integral part of who I am as a designer and as a person. People often ask me the question. How am I able to do it all? It is because of these talented, hard working and passionate individuals. They are the reason why I am able to do it all. I wanted to celebrate them that evening and to thank them for all their hard work and dedication.

I thought that by having them meet some of our muses and dear friends they get to unwind, understand and get to know who we are as a brand outside of the work environment. The dinner was absolutely a smashing hit. We began the evening at the bar where Salvatore Cuomo prepared an array of delicious bites. I for one love the Yakitori skewers and had more than a handful.

When all the guests arrived we moved to the dining area where a beautiful table was laid out with lots of happy blooms of yellow and orange. We then had a four course dinner that began with a velvety pumpkin soup followed by a fabulous mushroom and cream pasta. The main course was either a wonderful baked salmon or a plump and super tender baby rack of lamb. I had the fish but I saw many of my guests enjoy the lamb. Dessert was a duo of refreshing panna-cota and a tiramisu.

I had several highlights that evening the first were the speeches given by my friend Stephanie ZubibrI. She really has the gift for public speaking and the speeches prompted by Tim Yap for my team. To introduce themselves and to say a little something about their experience working with me and to be part of my creative process. It was really heart warming. It was also a way to say thank you to my cousin Kathy who has worked with me for several years as she is moving to San Francisco with her family. I also wanted to give tribute to my sister Vennise. Who really is my rock and foundations. A huge heap of the reason for our success is because of her. I wanted her and everyone to know that.

My second highlight was right after dinner we moved back to the bar where one of my favourite people and singers Miguel Mendoza was already playing by the piano and me and my friends literally barraged his play set and we sang with him to our hearts content. My sincere apologies for all the remaining diners there that evening because we had a mini concert right there and then. We all didn’t realize how beautiful Iza Calzado’s voice was as that was the revelation of the evening.

I just want to share the evening’s memory with everyone and to thank everyone at Salvatore Cuomo for a lovely evening. To have dinner with those you love and work with on daily basis is reason enough to celebrate.