A fishy breakfast in Tokyo!




Everyone must start with a strong and healthy breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day. Sadly I normally skip this except when I am travelling. A few months back I saw some images of this insanely beautiful breakfast. Some one once told me that the best day to start the day is with a three way! LOL! So here we were bright and early on a wet cold winter morning traipsing along the Tsukiji market looking for this place selling this three way breakfast.

We immediately found it and since it was very early there was no line and we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves. We all ordered the same thing and in minutes this gorgeous wooden bowl arrived composed of 15 varieties of the freshest morsels of fish topped generously with golden uni. There was an option for extra uni and I say always go for the extra uni! LOL! The beauty about this breakfast is that you get to enjoy it 3 different ways. The fist is like a chirashi where you eat it as is. You can really taste the varieties of fish and how fresh it all is. Your practically already in the market so this is as fresh as it’g going to get.

The second was to mix all the elements together with the uni being the main “binder” I loved it this way the best as you really get that incredible unique taste of the different fishes going together. You also add the pickled ginger, wasabi and lotus root for more taste and texture. It was sublime! I was literally shaking with delight and joy!

Finally you end the meal with the remaining morsels and mixing this up with a hot dashi based broth. It was the perfect end as it was really cold and we were practically eating outdoors.

I enjoyed that meal immensely and although I don’t know what the name of the place was I took photos for all of you to explore and find it.

Part of the fun and adventure is to actually find that hole in the wall restaurant and when you do it’s like finding a hidden treasure. That’s exactly how I felt.