A full day in PORTO!




We had spent a full day in Porto and there was so much to see and do in such a short period of time. I am quite an efficient traveler and proud to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. We began our day with the Portuguese summer sun shining brightly. We had a quick breakfast in our apartment style hotel and dashed out for a full day in Porto.

Porto is very walkable and we walked the entire morning to the see the wine cellars at the foot of the great river. We navigated our way across the city and enjoyed the sights along the way. To say that Porto is beautiful is an understatement. It is charming and really lovely. I think it was made even more beautiful because the people were all so kind and generous. They had all open smiles and their friendly nature was really infectious.

We stopped by a the huge train station which was so beautifully decorated by more of the infamous Portuguese blue tiles. By the tine we reached the river we were all so hungry and grabbed a river side lunch. It was simple and delicious capped off by some excellent Portuguese Vino Verde which is slowly becoming an obsession.

The wine cellars were on the opposite side of the river and as we crossed this we noticed that they were having a fair of sorts and it was so nice to experience this as we walked along the river with lots of happy people and music lingering in the air.

We were advised to take the tram to reach the beach as we wanted to see more of the water. Nix is really a beach person and no trip to any place with a beach isn’t complete with out a few hours under the sun. I myself like to swim so while Nix gets some sun I try to swim. The water was absolutely freezing but it was a good feeling as the sun was really warm in Porto that day.