A library and a decadent sandwich in Porto!




Before I knew it were on our last day in Porto. We still had so many things to see and experience but wanted to tick a few items on our list and relished the idea of coming back to see more of this fascinating country. We started our day with a nice walk around town and visited a beautifully designed open air market which was ensconced in this structure. We didn’t really linger as we wanted to visit a very special library that is said to have inspired JK. Rowling to write her Harry Potter novels.

This library is the Livraria Lello or the Lello Bookstore https://www.livrarialello.pt/en/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livraria_Lello. The bookstore is now so popular that when we arrived there was a super long line almost half a mile long! The wait was under an hour and you have to buy a ticket to enter which is then removed from the purchase that you will be making. The library is really quite stunning and highly decorated. I can only imagine it back when it wasn’t so popular as it really could inspire anyone. Intricate details and incredibly ornate staircase that winds undulating at the centre of the library. The library now is quite busy and it was a bit of a mad house experience with everyone so excited to be there.

After a few minutes you need to get out as it can get uncomfortable and tight. The other thing on our list was to try this famous Porto sandwich called the “francesinha" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesinha This calorie bomb of a sandwich is made of several pieces of bread with meats, sausages and cheese smothered with a thick goop of cheesy milk sauce that was quite daunting to eat. To be honest I didnt enjoy it as it was just too rich for my blood and I was underwhelmed flavour wise. So I would pass it. I would not pass on the baked egg tart that is so widely served in this part of the world. With its crisp shell and light egg filling which is not too sweet and punched with a douse of cinnamon, this meant Portugal for me.

Also with my last bite we just had enough time to catch our flight home. A really memorable first taste of Portugal that I pray I will be able to visit again very soon.