A night out in Lisbon, Portugal




I always think that having a local showing your their city gives you truly the best experiences. This was such the case when we were in Lisbon as we had our friend Ricardo Prieto hosted a night out in Lisbon. Richard Prieto is a Portuguese fashion designer who has a fantastic line locally in Rustans. He is based in Lisbon but shows regularly in Paris and London Fashion weeks.

He was kind enough to show us around his beautiful city. We began by having drinks on top of this Park like bar. The bar was packed and the energy was really great. We were lucky enough to get seats overlooking the city which was slowly turning into this golden amber color. As the sun set we walked towards the restaurant which was located above the Time Out market. https://www.timeoutmarket.com/en/eat-and-drink/pap... The restaurant was beautiful mixing the industrial/warehouse feel with large wooden tables and glass cases filled with jewel like tones of bottles of wine. It was fun, elegant and warm.

Ricardo took care of ordering dinner. He started out with some delicious appetizers composed of perfectly deep friend green beans, steamed clams and a fantastic squid salad with slices of oranges. These were then followed by our main courses like fried sardines and a wonderfully rich stewed octopus. I was falling in love with Portuguese cuisine. We ended our meal with the most unbelievable chocolate mouse that was just incredibly rich, thick but light and airy. I wanted to dive into that bowl of chocolate heaven. LOL!

The evening didnt end there however we had way too much fun to take any photos. That for me was a really good sign. To Ricardo, my sincere gratitude in showing us your amazing city. We all cannot wait to come back to visit more places as I feel we just touched the tip of the iceberg. See you very soon?