A trip to the UBUD Market and LOCAVORE!




A trip to any local market is a must for me when I travel and although I have been to the UBUD market already it’s always a special experience when you visit UBUD. We all went pretty early in the morning and I took a few minutes observing the local on their morning devotions. The Balinese are a quite superstitious and I love seeing them in action. Specially with their lovely offerings to their gods. A good pro tip is to start early as they like to do a sale first thing in the morning giving you a bit of leverage when haggling.

I am proud to say that I really didn’t buy anythings as I have been slowly practicing a life of minimalism and less acquisitions. I did get some lovely basket bags for my nieces that I do hope they will like? More than anything really, what I was looking forward that day was having lunch at LOCAVORE! https://www.locavore.co.id This super chic little restaurant just a few minutes walk from the local market was one of my highlights on this trip. Locavore has been voted to be one of the top 20 restaurants in Asia and is a huge advocate of farm to table cuisine.

The restaurant is extremely chic and is the type of place that I would actually want to live in. I love the use of simple materials warmed up with rich wood and a gorgeous shade of olive green. While waiting for my friend from Market I decided to have a refreshing cocktail made from local citrus fruits and pomelo’s. I loved it.

The restaurant is only degustation style and you choose from 2 menus of either vegetarian or Fish and meats. I decided on the full fish and meat course which totalled 7 courses. We began our meal with an array of lovely little snacks which were 6 little bites in total! I actually was already getting full from the snacks which was a wonderful introduction to the meu. This was all highlighted by this refreshing gazpacho like soup that tasted of Bali.

The next seven courses were like an orchestra of flavours that celebrated the produce and traditions of this mystical island. Like the Otak-Otak mackerel fish all the way to the goat dish. All intrinsically Balinese but transformed into something really modern and new. It was fun and interesting but several of the dishes seemed monotonous to me. They all looked very beautiful but somehow it lacked a sense of depth. It was as if the composition was just relying on several notes and I was looking for a sense of climax.

This shouldn’t stop you from trying it as everyone tastes are very subjective. I did love the photos of the food and they do look beautiful.