A very special Christmas Dinner!




I love hosting dinner parties and although I don’t have the time do it very often. Every now and then the occasion calls for it. Every year Nix and I host a small gathering of our friends at home. We celebrate our friendship with lots of good food, laughter and cheer.

This year we wanted it special. I have been a huge fan of my friend Happy Ongpauco-Tiu’s catering talent. I have known her for many many years and she is perhaps one of the most creative and inventive caterers around. I have had the privilege of being a guest in several dinners that she has arranged and each one is just so meticulously beautiful that we had to share her with our friends. This dinner was even more special because I invited my management and creative teams to join us.

These are the very people that I rely on to make everything happen. We have had such an incredible year together that I thought it was time to thank them for a job well done. My Mom and other sisters found out about Happy throwing the dinner and they had to come over and take a look as well. To say they were very impressed was an understatement. I was more than pleased with her service as everything was done with so much care and passion and love.

Happy was even there personally to make sure everything was perfect! Apart from the incredible setting the food was divine from the appetizers and the bulalo wraps down to the beef stew. I appreciated the small touches like the different versions of the hot chocolate giving everyone of our guests something to remember and take a photo of. LOL! I hope Happy doesn’t mind me sharing her number on my blog because my dinner was simply amazing! You can reach her at +63917-140-1499.

I was so grateful for every single person there that evening as each of them truly made our year more special.