Keren Pascual is one of the best travel partners ever! His “FAMOUS” travel trips are really quite something and I have been blessed to have been invited on several epic trips. So when he revived his FAMOUS adventure for the Philippine Maiden voyage of the SUPER STAR VIRGO cruise line for STAR CRUISES I immediately moved by meetings and schedules around because I knew that this was going to be really fun.

It was FAMOUS 10! The biggest group that Keren has ever taken on his FAMOUS travels. We were 70 individuals all from different parts of Keren’s life. Some from Fashion, some from the media, a whole lot of models and beauty queens. Stylists and dear friends. The beauty of Keren’s trips are the friendships you make and the wonderful memories you will share. I for one was looking forward to bonding with two of my designer “batch mates” Patrice Ramos-Diaz and Rhett Eala. I was also very keen on being roommates with my best friend Robby Carmona as trips like these really solidify friendships and take it to a deeper level. So do take a look at our day one of our FAMOUS 10 adventure!