#BabyBurnand Christening of Baby Archie!




My friends Georgina and Arthur recently had a beautiful baby boy. After several months of travelling from Manila to Japan, then Niseko then Shanghai then to England and then back again to Shanghai. You can say that little Archie is one of the most well traveled infants that I have ever known.

So when they did find the chance and the time they planned a beautiful Catholic christening in Georgina’s maternal grandmothers Chapel in Tagaytay. The day couldn’t not have been any more perfect. There was perfect blue eyes like that of Archie’s father and a cool breezy morning that was really quite unusual this time of the year.

Everyone was required to wear white or beige which made perfect Instagram worthy images the whole day. The Christening service was done by a bishop and after mass we all transferred to this magical space of Georgina’s aunt simply called “The Farm”.

Technically it was a farm however it was unlike any farm I have ever been to. The sprawling property was dissected into 5 or six pavilions. Each of which were independent from each other but connected by either a walkway of a patch of well manicured greenery.

The pavilions had their own specific theme. Mostly Asian in inspiration but deeply original. There were shapes and forms that reminded me of Balinese homes, Japanese pagoda’s Chinese Temples and even one that felt very Greek. All of which tastefully done and had this air of high creativity. I loved it!

We were treated to a delicious lunch that began with a fruit pyramid while several corks of champagne popped in the periphery. Archie’s god father Nico Bolzico was in charge of the BBQ. Nico being Argentine grew up grilling protein so he made sure that we all had perfectly cooked Argentine style beef. There was also grilled lamb chops, lechon several salads on the menu. The lunch was capped with a perfect serving of Halo-Halo topped with a generous school of ube ice cream.

Right after lunch we continued our chats and then someone mentioned to Nix and I about a foot massage and our eyes lit up and we gamely signed up for that. We had the massage in the properties tower where large white cushions and pillows were already waiting for us to be engulfed. As the massage proceeded the sounds of nature lulled us to Nirvana. Before we knew it. It was time to go home back to our city lives. It was truly a lovely weekend filled with beautiful friends and the perfect celebration to welcome Baby Burnand into the Christian World!