Confessions of an AMAN JUNKIE!




I think that I may have started a bad case of an addiction. It started several years ago when I visited Thailand and was introduced to a world of luxury like no other. This was more than 20 years ago when I visited an AMAN resort in Thailand. I did not have the means to stay in the resort but I had the opportunity to have a meal there and to look around and I knew it my heart that one day I would experience this in full.

Fast forward to several years where I would holiday in Bali and again visited the AMAN resorts there. Inspired by the serenity and the quiet luxury they offered I was hooked. In has gotten so bad that each time we travel to a place that there was an AMAN resort I would try to find a way to see it and experience this. Case in point was when we went to Bhutan I had an almost out of body experience in the AMAN spa which came as a perfect antidote after climbing the famous Tigers nest.

So here I am confessing to all of you that this affliction is true and I am for now as happy as can be as I just came from perhaps one of the most restful and enjoyable weekends ever. We spent a total of 4 days and 3 nights in a little speck of an island in the middle of the SULU sea. It was in my mind the most beautiful island in the world. The weather was very windy but at least it wasn’t raining which was really a blessing because the forecast was for rain.

We began our day with a walk around the island which only takes an hour or so to fully circumnavigate this. The sun would be peeking out of the clouds and would give this incredible plays of blue that simply took my breath away.

We had lunch at the picnic grove where I swear we had the most delicious brick oven pizza’s! The food really has improved tremendously from the first time I visited. Credit goes to AMANPULO’s executive chef Erwin Joven who really improved the food on the island. I was fortunate enough to meet him and he shared his dream was to work here and create top 10 Filipino dishes that every visitor must try. His take on the ADOBO for instance was my favourite. Inspired by his mothers recipe but he added his own touch by adding coconut milk, lemon grass and to my surprise ginger. The meat was also braised for several hours and then shaped into this perfect cube then seared on the salamander giving it a lovely crunch and crust. It was heaven on a plate! You must also try his Filipino salad which Nix and I will try to copy as soon as we get back home. W also tried his naked lumpia and creole inspired fish which is cooked in a banana leaf and infused by caribbean spices! HIs chicken inasal was also a winner. Actually every thing was just delicious! So when you’re there indulge.

The rest of our day was comprised of reading and laying out in the sun. With out a care in the world except for what to have for dinner. LOL! What I truly loved about the experience was NO was never an option. Every little thing that we cared for or wanted was met with a huge affirmation of certainly. That is perhaps the AMAN way?

I learned a lot this weekend about true customer service and also the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful parts in our planet. For this I am indeed blessed and grateful. OH! and I have my memories and photos to remind me of this.