Davao Dolphin Show!




On a recent business trip to Davao we were treated to a fabulous dolphin sighting. I was travelling with my friend and colleague Bernice Palanga who I have known since were in the 4th grade. She is an avid diver and as we were headed to our meeting, she spotted a few dolphins. We were travelling with people who are always in the area and in the 2 years they were coming they only saw dolphins once. So imagine our luck and joy when we saw more than a hundred dolphins in the area.

The speed boat we were on went in for a closer view and as we approached another group of dolphins swam with our boat. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time because for a good half an hour there were dolphins just swimming and playing with our boat. It was an incredible experience, one that I am glad I was able to capture in film. Now I call that a really lucky day!