#DAWOW! The House of Laurel Trunk show in Davao.




I LOVE DAVAO! I have a very special relationship with this part of our country. Perhaps because I have dear friends who live there or I have some family there that always make me feel at home. Maybe because it reminds me of the summers of my childhood? I think it’s all of that and more. Each time I visit it is always just delightful and filled with happiness.

My sister and I decided to do a second trunk show in Davao. We did one last year and not only was it successful it was also so much fun. When you combine profitability and fun I am always all in. We had a great weekend filled with fashion and shopping. I took my latest collection to Davao the very same collection that we showed in Paris! I loved the response and reaction as it was really quite special. I have made many friends in Davao and I am deeply grateful to several people. First Carmina Mapa Del Rosario who helped me organize the trunk show. Carmina and I have known each other since we were teen agers and she and I have a great kinship specifically on food and travel.

She was kind enough to host a “friends giving” dinner at her beautiful home where the slaved away to create this gorgeous roast turkey that took more than 20 hours to prepare! The dinner was divine highlighted by this clam soup that was just heavenly. I honestly had 4 servings of that soup alone! LOL!

I also want to thank Annie Lim who helped me decorate the showroom and made it really all so beautiful! I also want to thank my love Pam Quinones who extended her Davao trip so that we can hang out! Her niece Mia was our lucky charm that weekend as she really lit up the room with so much joy! To everyone who took time to visit us in our trunk show, Thank you very much. Were all looking forward to seeing you again next year.