Dinner at the BACCARAT Crystal room!




Our first dinner in Paris was a really special one as we were celebrating the birthday of our dear friend Chris Albert. She was having a lovely dinner at the gorgeous Museum of Baccarat where they have a dining room called the Cristal room. http://cristalroom.com I have never been to the restaurant so I was happy and excited to see this.

We arrived at the museum and immediately greeting us was this major clear and blue chandelier. Above it was even a larger chandelier that perhaps was an omen of things to come. Our host was already present welcoming all of us to this amazing room with fabulous wood paneling from floor to ceiling facing these large mirrors with pastel chairs accentuated by the most glorious crystal chandelier. It was intoxicating! We were all so happy to be in Paris and having sips of champagne celebrating the coming wedding of our friend Valentin and Charina as well as the birthday of Chris who we all fondly call LOVEEE! Dinner was beautiful but underwhelming however the crystal and the ambiance and more importantly the company made up for this. We were all so happy and grateful to be in Paris in this beautiful room. Do take a look a this gorgeous place.