#Finalleeshesaidgo Part 1




One of my best friends and personal muses just got married. Her name is Divine Lee. Divine is also the best friend of my partner Nix in fact Nix had the honour of being one of her “Best Men” at her wedding. Divine and I have been friends for over a decade and I have had the privilege of creating dresses and gowns for her for many years. So when it came to her big day I knew it had to be special. Divine literally gave me cart blanche to do her wedding. That amount of trust and faith is really quite daunting and challenging as you really don’t want to disappoint.

Divine was one of the chillest brides one could ever have. She did not even ask for a sketch of her dress. My starting point was when she jested in one of our conversations in the past that if she gets married it should be like an apparition. Like it was a wedding akin to the Lady of Manaoag. Visions of her bathed in a halo and light suddenly appeared in my head and I knew that her gown had to be in gold.

Divine among many things is also a model so she has experienced many times being a bride at fashion shows and shoots and an all white wedding gown wasn’t something that would excite her. I knew it had to be different. To compromise this we had all the females in the bridal entourage come in white white while the men would all be in black. The maids of honour would be a combination of this and that was exactly what we did.

During her wedding I was running a high fever and was not feeling well. Maybe because I was nervous for my friend or the fact that Divine only fitted her wedding gown once! I literally was having an anxiety attack because of this. Her wedding was a very high profile one and lots of people would be there and this really made me nervous. The good things is that I know Divine very well and thankfully we got her fitting perfect in one go. I wanted to capture that fitting in my blog and to have a record of that fateful day where we fitted her wedding gown.

Soon after her fitting we all celebrated in a very civilised bridal shower. LOL! Filled with beautiful flowers and delicious cakes. It was a
sign that we all were indeed “adulting” This is part 1 of my #finalleeshesaidgo memoirs. More to follow.