Good things in CEBU!




I am always so happy when I come to the island of Cebu. My mother comes from Dumaguete which makes me fluent in the Visayan Dialect hence each time I am in Cebu I feel very much at home. I recently visited Cebu and had a marvelous time. We landed just in time for lunch and scored a lovely table at Ian Atherton’s The Pig and Palm. http://thepigandpalm.ph It is the only restaurant of this famous Michelin starred chef.

I have eaten at the Pig and Palm before and I am so happy that it has remained so consistently excellent each time. We had the seasonal set menu which was so well priced that I couldn’t believe we were having all of the dishes served to us at just 750 pesos a head! It was the most incredible deal ever! We went for lunch and it was really delightfully delicious.

After lunch we wanted to look at some Cebu arts and crafts. So we visited an art gallery and lovely little boutique that sells gorgeous Cebu designed products. On this visit we visited the studio of one such artist Doro Barcandino whose accessories line was so beguiling that I asked him if we could sell his products in our stores. Happily Doro said yes and his sculptural pieces will be available in House of Laurel by the holiday season.

Take a look at my photos and know that there are so many good things happening in Cebu now.