Hello Morocco! #MarrakeshAndCarry




I am so excited to visit Morocco for several reason one I haven’t been back in what seems like forever and two my friends Charina and Valentin are getting married here and Nix and I are attending the wedding and three I think Nix and I will be very inspired with what we will see and experience.

We took a connecting flight from Paris, Orly (Which was a NIGHTMARE! Do try to avoid this airport at all costs) We arrived at Marrakesh and the weather was pleasantly not too hot as expected. It’s the height of summer and the temperatures can get dangerously hot.

We all stayed at the Beldi, Country club in Marrakesh which turned out the be the best option. I had several friends who stayed in the Medina or the main area of Marrakech and they did not have a great experience. Staying away from the busy area we got a more relaxed and tranquil Moroccan experience.

The country club was fabulous with instagram worthy backgrounds with every turn. http://beldicountryclub.com/en/ Nix and I were so thrilled. Specially Nix as what gives him joy is a fabulous OOTD photo. We immediately explored the country club which is really quite massive. One can get lost and intoxicated with the area and I found it beautiful and relaxing. There was even a spa which I told myself to must try when before we leave.

Our room was one of the furthest part of the property which made the experience more serene and quiet. Nix and I really had an easing time. Do take a look at our first few hour in Morocco.