Hello PORTO!




Just a two hour train ride out of Lisbon is another city in Portugal called , PORTO. I was so looking forward to visiting this picturesque town as I heard so many wonderful things about the city. Porto has a slower pace compared to Lisbon and the views are simply magical. This is also where Port wine was invented so I wanted to try this as well.

We stayed at this lovely apartment like hotel called http://www.aparthoteloporto.com Which was so well appointed and deeply chic. I really fell in love wth the decor and how comfortable the apartment was. I also loved the location as it was right in the heart of city which made it so easy to move around.

To be honest Porto is highly walkable and quite easy to navigate. We immediately headed out after dropping our bags. We passed by the main shopping street which we used as a point of reference as we walked around. We also passed by this church with this incredible blue painted tile wall that was just amazing! We took several photos of this gem and admired the artistry.

We then walked towards the water and passed this beautiful bridge giving us a great view of the city. As luck would have it we were able to catch a free concert that was happening when we arrived. The park was situated above the grand river and as the sun was setting we bought a few glasses of champagne and enjoyed one of the most unbelievably beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen in my entire life. I knew immediately that I fell in love with Porto and I told myself that this was a place that I would want to come back to.