I have been privileged to visit many parts of our beautiful world and I dare say that the south islands of New Zealand would probably be in my top 5 of the most beautiful places I have seen in my short life. We decided to make Queenstown our base and from there move and explore around.

Queenstown is this place the literally looks like a magnificent postcard. The colors are so vivid and clear. Perhaps because there is very little pollution that the colors become so incredible. Apart from the colors the quality of air is so clean that you end up feeling this invigoration of health and spirit.
We shared a home with some friends and the views from the living room just made me happy and smile. As we opened our foyer you could really see the awesome power of GOD as this place is a prime example of his glory. That morning I accompanied my friend to play some rugby. I enjoyed watching them but I did not want to participate lest I broke a bone. LOL!

We then had the famous hamburger of queenstown called the FERG BURGER. When your there this a must try. You wont miss it as it’s always has a line and it’s open till like 4 am. I enjoyed it but it was massive so it’s best to share. LOL!

We then headed up to see more of this gorgeous little town. The best views are up the mountain which is a short gondola trip. It was breathtakingly beautiful and no amount of words would suffice. However I did take several photos of our first day in Queenstown.