One of the reasons why I love Japan so much is the fact that it is so easy to get around. They have the most efficient public transportation system in the world. They have even made it even easier for tourists because in the last few years they have added English, Chinese and even Korean in their signages. Because of this visitors can easily navigate to the country and enjoy the beauty that is Japan. One easy and quick out of town day trip is to the quiet sea side town of KAMAKURA!

In less than an hour an half and a few train stops later you get into this slow idyllic town of Kamakura where you are entranced by several shrines and temples and even a lovely ocean experience. When we arrived in KAMAKURA, the first thing on our mind was lunch! After moving about we found this lovely restaurant that was serving EEL and I knew that this was the place would be perfect! The lunch was beautiful and delicious and we were ready to fully explore the place.

We first decided to go the HASE shrine and gardens where you were greeted with so much peace and tranquility. I for one always am in need of lots of green and fresh air so I really appreciated the visit. The hike up was very easy and you get a great view of the sea side.

After the temples we passed by several stores that sold the most delightful vintage Japanese pieces from Kimono’s to Obi sashes that really was quite charming. After window shopping you have to see the giant metal Buddha that makes KAMAKURA famous. It’s quite easy to find as all the signs lead there. It was a scene like one of those Anime cartoons where the lead character would train to fight his nemesis. LOL! We took a few photos and moved back to town.

Once in town you must venture to the main shopping street for a bit of street food and just imbibing the KAMAKURA culture. They have specific things that are supposed to be excellent here like the small fish (DILIS) that they make into rice wraps and pies. I liked the rice wraps but the pies were already sold out. A foodie friend advised us to look for the KAMAKURA ham that was touted to be life changing and so we did find it and found it extremely clean in taste and really light. So we took some home as pasalubong.

After filing our packs with treats we bade farewell to KAMAKURA and called it a find day.