Komaneka at Bisma, BALI!




What I love about coming to Bali is that each trip I come here I get to discover something new and exciting. On this trip I discovered this fabulous resort called the Komaneka at Bisma. We were there just to get an massage but what I received was so much more. http://www.komaneka.com

The resort in itself was unassuming as we entered via this normal street and then headed into a room with a water feature in the centre. Our host encouraged all of us to peek out into the edge and from there my eyes widened into this expanse of a green valley. Like a slim knife blade cutting this in half was a long slim pool that glistened with the cloudy light. I was mesmerized. I am currently into a special project that requires me to study landscaping and this place really inspired me. I loved the how lush and wild everything looked and it gave me an insight on what I can do to my own personal project.

The massage room was situated above a body of rushing water, the sound enveloped me as I was being managed and in a way seemed like I was being cleansed and purged. It was a very spiritual experience and I highly recommend it. If you’re heading to Bali this for me is a must visit. Get the massage and let it transform and heal you in way you can’t imagine.