One of my most favourite person in the world recently got married. Her name is Malu Gamboa. If you have been reading my blog for all these time you would know that she a constant presence in my life. One that I am eternally blessed and grateful to have. Malu has this amazing positivity around her that is joyful and infectious at the very same time.

I have had the privilege of seeing the world together and with each place we experience our friendship deepened and in many ways I consider her the older sister that I wish I had. Malu holds the distinction of having the most bridal showers ever. If I am not mistaken she has had 14 Bridal showers all over the world! From San Francisco, Bangkok, Bali, Manila and many other places. This is simply a testament of how many people love and adore this beautiful soul.

When I first heard that Malu was dating I was happy and sad. Sad because I will have to share her now with another man. LOL! However I was really more Happy because she found someone who will love her. When I found out that it was getting serious I got excited because I had a feeling that we would be planning a wedding soon. When she told me that Mon proposed! I literally cried with JOY! I remember her telling me at an art auction and I was like getting emotional as I was really so happy for my friend.

Fast forward to the day of her wedding and took the full day off as I wanted to be with Malu from start to finish. She was the most relaxed and chill bride that I have ever assisted in my 25 years of being a designer. There she was having lunch with her family enjoying each and every minute. Malu taught me to enjoy and relish the moment and that was exactly what she was doing.

I chose a beautiful Lace Guipure that I bought in Paris for her wedding. I knew exactly what I wanted Malu to wear and we have this beautiful chemistry of trust that she has given me and it turned out beautifully. She chose a halter neckline which elongated her figure and I decided to create a silk chiffon cape train that was really dramatic as she walked towards Mon on the Altar.

Malu has always loved blue and we chose several shades of blue for her entourage. Each one unique and different from each other. The entire wedding entourage were just family and it was wonderfully intimate and special.

Malu always told me that if she would get married it would be in her Parish Church and a reception at the Polo Club. I loved that classic combination that was absolutely perfect! The Santuario San Antonio church was full to capacity. I love it when this happens. There was a light drizzle that cooled the air and it immediately stopped when Malu stepped out. The wedding service was heart warming and often funny as the priest kept on forgetting Mon’s name. The music was so beautiful as it was lovingly arranged by our gifted friend TeeNee Chan.

After the service we all headed to Polo for some cocktails and drinks. Highlighted by a surprise video prepared by friends and family from all aspects of Malu and Mon’s life. I don’t have much photos from the reception as it was an indication of how much fun I had. I do remember the surprise of having the band TRUE FAITH sing PERFECT during the couples first dance, I do remember the dancing as I love dancing at weddings and I do remember all the love and joy that we all had for Mon and Malu.

I remember many things that evening but I will never forget the happiness an entire room had for this couple. I pray that you have a long, healthy and beautiful marriage. I am deeply blessed to have you both in in our lives and I can’t wait to create many more memories in the future