Mood Board "When I Was Five"!




Our new collection is almost ready to be shown to everyone and I would like to share with all of you where it all began. But first this collection is very special as it is the first collection that we specifically prepared for Paris Fashion week. We showed the collection with much promise and positivity and we were very happy with the results.

The collection is called WHEN I WAS FIVE. This collection harks back to the very first cognizant memory of why I love fashion! I tasked my team and I to rethink and romanticize this philosophy. Why are we all doing this and why are we here. I wanted to go back and fundamentally answer this.

My first real fashion memory was at a party where my parents took me and I saw this dazzling woman. It was as if she was floating and dancing on air. I approached her and I asked if her dress was made of taffeta? It was an odd question coming from a five year old little boy. At first she was puzzled but then this turned into a huge smile and I remember her saying…Indeed it is.

This totally made an impact in my mind and perhaps was the foundation for where I am now. I based a lot of the designs on memories and tried to incorporate as much joy and optimism as I possibly could. I also added a lot of ideas based on how I would play with all my sisters Barbie dolls. Nuances of naive romanticism envelopes the collection such as ribbons, bows, ruffles and flounces. My team and I just had fun and it was like having a play group with all our dolls and imaginations. As practice we created a mood board which acts as mind map of sorts to help us create. I am happy to share this with all of you.