My dear friend and Muse gets married!




What happens when one of your dear friend who also happens to be your “muse” decides to get married? This recently happened as Divine Lee married her fiancé Blake Go in an unforgettable wedding in Cebu. However I am getting ahead of myself as this entry is all about the memories I have or the little of it of that special day. LOL!

We all flew to Cebu for the wedding. Nix and I flew in a full day early as I wanted to make sure I had no hitches. I took the wedding gown with me and the rest of the entourage dresses. It was good thing that I arrived a full day early as there was a slight hiccup with the local airport and my team arrived several hours delayed. The great thing was that was the only glitch of the wedding as the rest was a smooth and as flawless as one could plan and dream.

The morning of the wedding was gorgeous, the sun was bright and shining and as I went to visit my bride she was in her usual jovial and fun mood. I wrote earlier in my blog that Divine was the kind of bride who literally gave me carte blanche in terms of how her wedding gown would look like. Her trust and faith in me was so strong that she only fitted her wedding gown once. Which gave me a slight anxiety which developed into a fever during the wedding. LOL!

I was really lucky as the gown fitted well, the only thing was Divine forgot her shoes in Manila which were a bit higher in heel height. She still carried her wedding dress which must aplomb as the gown was totally Divine. We were joking her that her dress was inspired by Our Lady of Manaoag who is always shrouded in a halo of gold. Divine was never about the conventional so as she finished dressing up we all hopped into a Bridal bus and all her friends literally took her to church.

The entire entourage from the Bridesmaids, Sponsors and flower girls were in white while the maids of honour and the gentlemen work black and white. I wanted this monochromatic scheme to be the setting and foil for her her gold wedding gown. I think it really worked out supremely well as the motif provided an elegant proposition. The church ceremony and celebration was beautiful as the priest marrying them was a close friend and a guardian to Blake when he was in college.

Soon after the wedding we all proceeded to the wedding venue which was massive! We had cocktails and drinks in this beautiful white modern space that reminded me of an airport hanger. At the perfect moment when all the guests had arrived the main reception was revealed. It was like the lush green verdant forests of the Visayas entered a room. My eyes concentrated on the largest leaves I have ever seen and it was magnificent. I loved how it was tasteful and dramatic it all looked and felt at the same time. My favourite was the green canopy in the middle of the room. As guests found their table and settled dinner was served.

The whole meal was plated which could be a nightmare given wedding of this size and magnitude. I was happy to say that everything was so well timed and the food temperature was spot on. Kudos to the team for achieving this.

The evening continued with beautiful speeches filled with love and emotion. I for one was extremely proud of my partner Nix as he was one of the Brides Best Men and gave a lovely speech. Personally the speech of David Milan will be something I will never forget. He was so emotional that he almost wasn’t able to pull it off. But he did in the end and we all felt his love for Divine.

As soon as the speeches were over our attention was directed to the dance floor as our favourite DJ’s were to lead us all into a frenzied party! We all danced and celebrated for the newlyweds. I for one can’t remember much after this part of the evening. All I remember was this hazy, blurry glow of wanton happiness and joy! The kind of feeling that you feel will last for a lifetime.

Congratulations and my best wishes to Blake and Divine. Thank you so much for making us part of your memories and lives.