My "Transcendence" collection for ASUS!




I am always grateful to be able to do what I do! Work in my salvation and I am really happiest when I am in my studio. So when I was tasked to create a collection for the ASUS Zenbook 3 launch I gamely and enthusiastically said YES!

This would have been my 3rd fashion show for the month and a completely different one at that. I was given a brief of women empowerment and gender bending fluidity and I immediatley knew how to approach this. I once again looked back in order to move forward. Images of 80’s pop icons came to mind like early Eurythmics Annie Lenox’s style and very early Libberman photographs in Italian Vogue. I wanted to flex some tailoring muscle.
I was working on this while I was doing my summer collection and it really suited my ADD self to be working on two collections that would exercise my tailoring and draping techniques. For this collection I wanted to be strict with the colouring and just focus on Navy, Black, White and this ASUS blue that was really quite alluring.
From there, we worked on the pieces based on the basic white shirt and moved from there. I had my stylist’s friends Liz Uy and Pam Quinones in mind when designing the collection as I felt that they were the women that the ASUS people were really targeting.
My friend Isabelle Daza was the perfect muse and endorser for the product launch and I was so happy to be working again with her as she is really full of energy not to mention my neighbour so it was really quite convenient.

We began dissecting the idea of tailoring and layering and then added my personal influences of Japanese new wave and a slight nod to punk. The outcome was really exciting and perhaps a direction of what is to come next for all of us at HOUSE OF LAUREL.
A discussion on what it is to be a powerful female and a dialogue on what is gender and the fluidity that comes with it. For now let me share with you some images of my process and how we came to be with this collection.