NEZU SHRINE & The Back streets of OMOTESANDO!




One life’s greatest luxuries is the ability to actually just get lost, wander, meander and just soak everything in. Nix and I had really nothings planned on one day of our Tokyo trip and we just wandered about and let things naturally flow. Now if you know me this is actually quite a departure. As I love agendas, scheduled activities, reserved restaurants and the kind of traveler that thrives on a strict itinerary, Nix on the other hand is more spontaneous and is more off the cuff.

I have learned sometimes to be more like Nix. I find it refreshing and the anxiety of not being on a schedule slowly dissipates and magic happens. So on a random weekday in Tokyo, we went to the NEZU shrine who in the height of Spring is spectacular with the flowers and the blooms. Unfortunately we were a few weeks early and the flowers weren’t out yet so we will just have to come back another time. However we did get the to take some Instagram worthy photos. What I love about random wandering is that you get to see things that are ordinarily beautiful.

We got the chance to that around the NEZU shrine where I observed the daily routines of the “locals” doing their daily activities. I really love that. We them moved towards a more familiar part of Tokyo called OMOTESANDO. We always visit this area when were here and each time we come we see and experience another respective. My tip is to wander to the side streets and see what they offer. Just move around and see where you legs would lead you.

We discovered more special things this way. Like vintage stores, fashion stores and the like. Take a peek at a few photos of our wonderful day.