One night in Auckland!




I perhaps live to travel! I often think that I work very hard so that I can travel and see the world. That for me is one my greatest pleasures and indulgences. Nix and I try to visit one new place every year and this year we have had the privilege of visiting many places. The most recent place that we got to visit was New Zealand.

I have always wanted to go to New Zealand as I have read and researched so many wonderful things about it. So when the opportunity came I jumped upon it immediately. There are several ways to get to New Zealand and the most direct was Philippine Air Lines. Good thing is that I was able to save up my miles and flew in via Cairns to our first stop Auckland. As I looked out of my window as we landed I immediately noticed the vast green landscape and the clear blue skies. It was certainly beautiful and I told myself. So this is how middle Earth looks like? LOL!

We had less than 24 hours in Auckland so we had to plan the trip well. We arrived just as the evening light was disappearing and since Auckland city isn’t that big we were able to manage our way through. We plan our trips based on our stomachs. LOL! Hence the first stop was finding dinner. New Zealand is know for their shell fish and sea food so that is was what we were searching for.

We checked in a newly renovated hotel called The Hotel Grand Windsor http://grand-windsor-auckland.hotel-rn.com/?lbl=gg... It was right in the middle of the city and was very convenient and accessible. Nix is always in charge of looking for our accommodations and he is really good at getting the best deals and the most beautiful designed spaces. The hotel we were staying at actually looked like he designed it as it was very much into his realm of aesthetic.

We had a Filipina on the front desk who was kind enough to help us navigate around the city and gave us tips on what we can do. We had a light appetiser at this fun place called Crab shack but the action was really more in the viaduct are. That is where we found the most amazing oysters called the clavedon which was so creamy and plump that I would fly back just to have another taste of that amazing oyster. We paired this with a crisp white wine from the region and it was perfect!

We went to several bars that evening each more interesting than the next. There was even a bar which had a bowling alley and this looked really fun. We however were drawn to the bar with the live band which really made my night. The band was excellent and we had a great time dancing and singing along. What a way to welcome us to this beautiful part of our world.