Paris Fashion week highlights!




Fashion week often is a flurry of activities and more often than not it all ends up a big fashion blur. Specially in Paris where the frenetic energy of every single individual is heightened by a thousand fold. So while I discovered on my phone several highlights that I would like to remember hence I am putting this in my blog. Which is many ways is like my memory bank of my life’s moments.

First I would like to say thank you to my friends who visited us and took time out from their incredibly busy schedule to say hello and show us support and encouragement. This really meant a lot to me and my sister. Posted a few photos here like my friend Caroline Issa who is always so gorgeous. My super talented friend and Ivy Kirzhner who creates the most magical shoes and sandals. You must google her and see what sorcery she does!

So many others visited and I am posting photos here so I wont ever forget. Thank you! Another highlight was finally seeing this Taxidermist store that I would pass by for a week but never had the chance to go in as we were always rushing. On the last day of Paris fashion week I stepped in and was lost in my mind for a good 15 minutes. It was mesmerising and I was so happy that I got to see all these beautiful animals suspended in time.

Finally having my book signed by the master modernist Pierre Cardin! I think he is a genius and at 96 years old is still quite lucid and strong. Happy that I had my book signed. Those so far are a few of my highlights.