Paris, Pitstop!




I had less than 18 hours in Paris and I intended to get the most out of it. LOL! Actually in my head I wanted to do so much more but in the end all we really did was have coffee, lunch and a few drinks. I began by having coffee with my Tita Chta who is really such a dear. She is my fathers cousin who has been a world nomad since the start. She shuttles from Buenos Aires, Paris and Manila and was fortunate enough to catch her in Paris when at the time.

We then made plans to catch some lunch where we met up with my Mexican girl friends who we met in Positano last year! It was great fun and I was happy to have spent time with them. We all headed back to Tita Chita’s apartment for a proper send off cocktail party. If you know me I like seeing my friends and putting people together and before we all knew it we were all having drinks and wishing that Nix and I could stay longer. I have a feeling that I will be back sooner than later.