Pinoys in Paris Fashion week!




Paris Fashion week Spring Summer 2018 was really memorable. We arrived just at the start of the Fall season and you could already see the colors of the fall starting to change. Autumn is my favourite season as I like the weather and I adore the colours. This season was really special as I felt that there were so many of us designers and creatives from The Philippines showing in Paris. It was wonderful how we all were in Paris showing the entire world what we can do in our little islands.

We not only had fashion designers like myself but through the efforts of my friends Carmina Jacob and Robbie Carmona we had Dennis Lustico, Ivarluski Aseron and Rhett Easla in tow. Our representation was really strong and we had one of the most joyful and colourful collections in our showroom. We had cabin models to display our clothes on and it was quite fun having these lovely girls try out our gowns and create little editorial photo sessions with them. My friend Charina Sarte was also showing and she did impressively well.

Not only were the fashion designers represented but we also had several accessory designers from the Philippines showing like Amina Aranaz, Beatriz, Viscera, Joanique. Even the Pinoy American designers were there as well like Ivy Kirzner and Rafe Totengco! It was such a joy to see everyone standing strong with other designers from all over the world.

After the shows some of us got together and had little dinners and parties. One evening we celebrated the birthday of my friend Michelle Torres who once was the editor in chief of Metro Magazine. She now operates a business taking Filipino designers to Paris to show and sell their work. How brilliant is that? We all had a fantastic dinner followed by drinks at her apartment.

I loved seeing everyone in Paris working very hard to show how talented we all truly are.