Restaurante, Toupeirinho!




If I were to choose between meat and sea food chances are that I would be choosing sea food. Porto is a sea side town and I knew that there would be good sea food eating in my visit. I asked my friend Ricardo Prieto to suggest a restaurant for me and he decided to send us over to Restaurante, Toupeirinho. http://toupeirinho.pt Located in this small sea side village this family owned restaurant has been serving the community for decades.

In fact when we arrived we were practically the only tourist in the restaurant. We were immediately greeted by the owner of the restaurant who showed us his daily catch. His son spoke to us in perfect english and guided us as to what we should have for dinner. I am an adventurous eater so I like things that a bit strange and new. However I was with my friends Robby and my partner Nix so we had to balance the meal with the familiar mixed in with my bizarre.

For the bizarre we had these barnacles that literally looked like aliens! It was a strange gelatinous like shell fish that you need to pull from a rock and suck the juices which was salty and sweet at the same time. To be honest it’s an acquired taste and not suited for all palettes. Good things we ordered a other things like the steamed cray fish and steamed shells to start. For the main course we had a beautiful grilled prawn with butter and an amazing salted baked bass which was finished on our table with some flaming wine. It was very dramatic and really delicious.

This dinner was hearty and felt like it was made with love from a home and this was all so highly appreciated. We ended our meal with local desserts that reminded me of our leche Flan and a lemon cake that was hearty and sturdy drizzled with honey.

This was a bit of a drive to get to but if your looking for authentic Portuguese sea food then this is place for you.