Have you ever been obsessed? I certainly have and I know it when I am. I just cannot stop thinking about it and it occupies each of my waking moment. Such is the case with Siargao. I have just returned from a 6 day escape and it was everything I needed, wanted and more.

From the hour that I landed all the way to the minute that I left I fell in love. We had all kinds of weather the week I was there. In fact it was a bit schizophrenic. Sunny one day, then rainy then stormy then sunny again and then cloudy. We even had a small earth quake that made things exciting.

It was as if the universe was telling me that me that there was so many exciting things to experience on the island. This post is a random set of images of my holiday. Each one a fragmented snapshot of my memories.

What I really loved with the island was the abundance of green. The lushness and health of the plants and how happy they all look. I was so inspired by all of this and perhaps I would like to recreate all this in my home. I also really really loved the food options on the island. It was really such a great surprise to find good eats on virtually no where. I arguably had the best pizza’s this part of the world on the island. There were two types of Pizza that I tried. Both equally good and delicious. Chewy and dense at the Kermit’s which was very Napolitan and Thin and crispy at Kalinaw which is more contemporary. Both were good and both worth a go. Kermit is more chill while Kalinaw was more formal.

I really loved the breakfast bowls at Shaka as they just make me smile. I also had smoothies in Cafe Loka which has the best breakfast views on the island. Had some Indonesian at Warung. It was very good but the service really needed some help. However your on an island and rushing is not necessary. I enjoyed these spring rolls that were very unique as they used these flat wide rice noodles and filled with vegetable curry and then deprived and sprinkled with a light spice. YUM! I also loved the turmeric chicken soup which was so heartwarming and perfect on a wet rainy day. I had spanish tapas in BRAVO who I am convinced have the most engaging staff each one trained to keep the clients happy and engaged. The tapas was a hit while the rest could use more work. I did however love the banana cream pie as it was beautiful. The last time I was in Siargao I spent all my time in DEDON and although I enjoyed it I failed to get the magic. I visited it again on this trip and it was still very beautiful and elegant but somehow it felt cold and detached. It wasn’t was I was looking for.

I also tried Harana for lunch. The coffee shop beside the restaurant was cool and uses coconut milk to add richness to their coffee. The matcha drinks were delicious but seemed like desert drinks to me. We had lunch their and it was deeply satisfying. I had an adobo bowl that jut hit the spots and their sizzling sisig is just spot on. You must order the halo-halo desert as they use watermelon frozen chips instead of ice which I thought was just genius! Havana is also quintessential Siargao where people chill and relax and rest from surfing and getting ready to do it all over again.

Bayud was where we ate the most and you cannot go wrong here with their play on modern Filipino cuisine. Almost everything I had was a winner! Finally I had a quick coffee at BAKE famous for being owned by our current Miss Philippines Universe Rachel Peters. The place is really cute and the beautifully designed. The coffee is delicious and it was well made. The food and pastries need help as they all looked very sad and tasted even sadder.

I am very lucky as I have several friends who made Siargao their home and have made amazing spaces for themselves. I visited their homes and perhaps this added to the allure of the island for me. I also made several new friends on the island and I think making new friends at the start of the year is always wonderful.

The water has this brilliant blue hue that was really so beautiful and as I close my eyes I remember it vividly making me ache to come back. In the mean time I have these images and my memories to satiate me till I return.