I found my favourite island in the Philippines and it is called Siargao. I have been to this island once before and stayed at DEDON and because it was so secluded I failed to explore the island and just stayed at the resort which was really such a travesty because I failed to really see and appreciate the magic that this island gives.

So when the opportunity came to visit Siargao again I really told myself that I would experience every little bit of the island as much as I can. I planned my New years Holiday pretty late. I usually plan these things months ahead but this year I only planned it late October early November. I was to join my friend Henry and motley crew of individuals from all over the world! I love the idea of starting the year with new friends visiting my country for the first time. I had found new friends from Amsterdam, Paris, London, Los Angeles. Together with my friend Henry we proudly showed this beautiful Island and what it can offer.

I for one was deeply excited as I was going to go GLAMPING! Nix and I had this experience in Africa once and we loved it. So to have this in Siargao was a real treat and experience. We booked this at the https://www.soultribebeachretreat.com Which is passionately run by Tracy and Kyle. The minute that I settled in I really felt at peace. I enjoyed my accommodation so much as it took me back when I was young going camping reading my book with a flashlight and all that. I recommend that you rent a motor cycle when your in the island as this makes getting around easier and more convenient.

I had many friends on the island and I am so deeply grateful to Nino Barbers who owns the Bayud resort as he really took care of me. My first meal was at his resort and it was absolutely delicious. You have to order the Kare-Kare with Bagnet as it really is worth all the calories.

My other friends stayed in Sandy Feet which is really so beautiful. I loved the apartment style accommodations as it really is perfect for families. We had the most perfect sunset that evening with the most dazzling colours. It was as if the island was saying welcome! For dinner we went to Kermit’s which is really popular so book in advance. They primary serve Italian and it had delicious Napolitan style pizza. Chewy crust and thicker. I loved the vibe and the overall charm of the restaurant and is a must visit. Summing up my first few hours in paradise