Sweet but oh so short Sydney visit.




It was a sweet but oh so short trip to Sydney. We only stayed for 3 nights but on the last night we had to leave early in the morning. On our last day in Sydney we decided to make the most of it. We began by joining our friends in an indoor cycling class. It just happens to be my favourite form of exercise. Not only do i feel like I am going to the club but I also get a great cardiovascular work out. My friend David opened the first one in Sydney and we were joined by my other friends Matt and Anhtai.

Right after class we had breakfast and I was so happy that I got to enjoy a Aussie classic Avo on toast. They make the best ones here and If perhaps the most beautiful ones that I have ever consumed. It just so happens that it was also my friends Matt’s birthday and we never made him forget it as we celebrated it in every single spot that we went to that days. LOL!

My biggest treat and highlight that day was getting to see the music “Murie’s wedding” which is a cult Australian film. We tried to get tickets from our concierge but they said that it was fully booked. Nix and I decided to just try to go to the theatre and see if there were any returns. As we went up to the box office they handed Nix and I two free tickets! I was like WOW! This was the best way to end our beautiful adventure. As we looked around everyone was so beautifully dressed and it dawned on us that it was actually the OPENING NIGHT!

I was like floored! After the play which I thoroughly enjoyed as I really love the movie. We cascaded down the stairs and champagne an food were waiting for all of us to enjoy. I was like OMG! This night was getting better and better. I even invited my friend Tom who was going to meet us after to just stay there and have drinks with us. All for free! LOL! We even got to have a photo with the star of the show who was bubbly engaging and talented.

As I boarded the plane home I thanked God for safeguarding our travels and I leave only with beautiful memories. See you soon Sydney. We cannot wait to come back.