Swimming with Turtles, Bat fish and more!




I am so fortunate that my partner Nix is such a health buff that even if I feel like sleeping in being lazy you have someone that nudges you to work out and get healthy. So even if were on a holiday in Paradise we work out. Happily the gym in AMANpulo is just beautiful and just like anything else here it felt like we had the gym all to ourselves. I kept on wondering where everyone else are? I know were not the only one on the island but it really felt like we were. So after an hour and half of sweating it out Nix and I rewarded ourselves with the most beautiful Tocino breakfast bowl.

Soon after that we were told that we could go snorkelling and do some fish feeding fun. We loved it so much that we ended up doing it twice that day. The fish were so large and friendly that they didn’t get scared at all and played with us. There were several varieties of fish there but the Bat fish were the standout. With the silver and yellow colouring and round body as large as 25inch salad servers.

We then were told that we could swim with these giant turtles just meters from the beach. They were so awesome to look at as they looked like angels flying as they would swim. Some of the turtles are more than 200 years old and what a privilege it is indeed to be able to swim with these majestic creatures.

After all that activity we had a beautiful lunch in the beach club with a gorgeous view of the pool. Then we swam again with the fishes and the turtles. I swear I can do this on repeat. Finally we celebrated the sun set with bubbles and strawberries. Clinked our flutes to the day that ensued and to more days like this in the future.