We ended our last day in Taiwan with a great itinerary. We started out visiting the massive Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall (https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/Attraction_Review-g293913-d456231-Reviews-Chiang_Kai_Shek_Memorial_Hall-Taipei.html). Which was really impressive. Although the weather was still grey and raining it was still really beautiful. We spend a few hours just walking around and after that we decided to have our last meal and we all agreed that the perfect meal for the cold wet weather was the famous beef noodle soup of Taiwan. There are many variations and places where to get this and everyone has a favourite. To be honest I only had this soup twice in Taipei. One I had behind our hotel where the Taxi drivers eat and it was AMAZING! The second time was this trip which was a hole in the wall recommended by our concierge. We immediately found the restaurant and at 200 pesos a bowl it was the best my money could have spent.

The soup was so rich and clean with a hint of anise and just the right saltiness. I did not even touch the beef itself because the soup was really so satisfying. I would definitely fly back just to have that soup all over again. We just had enough time for one meal and another jaunt to an open air market before heading home. All in all, I found my new favourite quick escape out of Manila. I was actually thinning twice if I wanted to share this as it’s the kind of place you want to keep a secret. However it’s too good not to share. As I type this I am already planning another trip soon. LOL!