Take me back to Paradise!




It’s been a full week since Nix and I came back from AMANPULO and in my down time it’s still occupies my mind and fills me with day filled dreams. I am blogging about our last day in Paradise when the SUN fully shined and when the weather became it’s very best.

It was as if the heavens were teasing us to stay a bit longer and extend. In fact we were the last to board the small private plane home. We were finishing lunch by the beach club waiting for the very last minute taking every last second of this beauty in.

However I am getting ahead on my story. We woke up bright and early. Since we would be in bed before 10pm Nix and I were up by 6am. This was a good thing because we practically had a full day on the island. We decided to walk half the island along the main stretch of land. Getting the best of the morning sunshine. After this we had a beautiful breakfast that was so instagram friendly.

Soon after breakfast we went sailing and since the water was so calm we really got to explore and see most of the island. It was incredibly beautiful and I think this is probably the most beautiful island on the planet.

We swam a bit longer and said hello to our turtle friends once more. We then packed our bags had a last bite and then rushed to the airplane. I said a prayer of thanks that I was able to visit this place and vowed to return as soon as I get to save enough money. LOL! It costs a pretty penny however it really is quite worth it.