The Art Gallery of New South Wales




I love museums! In fact my fantasy is to actually live in one! LOL! I had to make time to visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales. https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au The were having a Mapplethorpe and Rembrandt exhibition that I really did not want to miss.

I was so happily surprised to find out that they were also doing a very special exhibition on Philippine Art called Passion and Procession. It was such a thrill to see these talented Filipino Artists standing head to head in the international art scene. I went to see the show and we really stood our ground. I felt really proud to be a Filipino and to see the overwhelming positive response to the show was really uplifting.

The gallery is really a must visit as you get to see history of Australian art. I for one really enjoyed the contemporary art on display as it was joyful, exuberant and intense. The aboriginal art was also very beautiful. There was this solace and quiet nature of the art. The repetition of shapes juxtaposed with the organic forms was something to see. I found the Mapplethorpe a tad underwhelming. I wanted the images to be larger. The images were compelling but it seemed brief and in tagalog “BITIN”. LOL!

The gallery is still a must visit as you really end up inspired.