The BAHIA palace!




If you want to see the splendour of Moroccan design and architecture in Marrakesh then go no further than a visit to the BAHIA palace. http://www.palais-bahia.com/en/ The palace is actually a set of homes that celebrate the wonder and beauty of the artisanal designs of Morocco. The details that I saw in the palace were really quite impressive and inspiring at the same time.

Think symmetry, balance and color. In fact BAHIA is Berber means shining shimmering and splendid. This and was indeed all that and more. It was a great way to explore how the very wealthy would live in the Medina back in the day. Where in each part belonged to a separate wife. The palace actually felt more like a maze of sorts with each room leading to quadrangles of gardens and spaces each one equally beautiful than the next. Because it was the low season we practically had the place all to ourselves. This was the upside to visiting in the summer months. The down side as you could imagine was the intense heat so we were always hydrating ourselves. That being said it was really a great visit, in fact a must if your are in Marrakesh.