The Castle of the Moors and a great meal in Sintra, Portugal




The Hydrangea bloom always remind me of my beautiful Lola Betty. Her favourite color was lavender in all it’s permutations so when we visited the Castle of Moors in Sintra and saw this incredible wall of Hydrangeas I almost flipped out! I mean it was simply amazing. It was like a 30 meter long bush of blooms that towered over me. I couldn’t describe how happy I was.

The Castel of the moors really isn’t there anymore but there are the remnants wherein you can walk up to. http://www.sintra-portugal.com/Attractions/Castle-... It’s a great hike and a good way to burn all the calories that I have been indulging in on this trip. With each step you get to see these beautiful vista of the country side. The colors were just beautiful as the light as so bright and the blue was simply this sublime blue.

After all that hike we all were ready for lunch. Nix read somewhere about this small restaurant off the beaten track run by sisters called A PENDOA https://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/LocationPhotoDirectL... It wasn’t really that difficult to find as Sintra was small and everyone was so friendly.

We sat down and one of the sisters who had the kindest of faces started talking to us and we just ordered away. I had probably the best SARDINE meal of my life in this small little restaurant. It was smiley fried to perfection and just wonderful! I also loved the cheese that began our meal. It was young, fresh and I wish I bought some to take home because I would fly back to Sintra just for that cheese. We also discovered this “green white wine” that they serve here. I just loved its refreshing flavour that went perfectly with the food they serve.

We were so happy with our lunch that we had to take a photo with the sisters and promised to tell everyone about their lovely little restaurant. It’s the closest thing a visitor will get to eating at someones home in Portugal and this is always a good thing.