The Happiest Place on Earth!




My siblings and I rarely get the chance to travel together. It is much rarer when we get to bring the kids. This trip to Tokyo was really special as everyone was present! As a huge treat we all decided to go to the happiest place on earth! I still have very vivid memories of my first visit to Disneyland and somehow I wanted to be part of that experience with all my nephews and nieces.

They were all so very excited on the day of departure that I think they arrived in Disneyland by 8am. LOL! The weather during the day was excellent and sunny but as the evening progressed it began to rain a bit which led to the park cancelling the evening parade.

I for one still had a great time as Nix and I decide to do both Disneyland and DisneySea in one day. I actually preffered DisneySea as it’s the only park like it in the world! The attention to detail and the overall experience was really quite extra ordinary. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the world of Ariel! It was like every little gay boy dream coming true. That was really a highlight for me. Even if all the songs were in Japanese I thought that it was still a fantastic experience.

Both theme parks can actually be done in one day but you do need strength and stamina! I clocked in close to 35,000 steps that day. LOL! But it was all so worth every step of the way. My pictures really do not do the DisneySea experience justice but do take a look and if your travelling to Tokyo with you family and kids this is definitely worth your time.