The Last day of Paris Fashion week!




The last day of Paris Fashion week is always the most hectic. Everyone rushing to see the shows and finalising appointments and schedules. Everyone practically running around like headless chickens. LOL! Thankfully my sister and I started our day early and since Paris is a city where it is best enjoyed on foot we both got the chance to enjoy some sites en route to work. It’s these simple joys that really make life so beautiful.

I met up with several dear fashion friends who were also in Paris at the same time as I was . Friends like Pam Quinones who is always so chic and gorgeous. I also got to see the fantastic Kim Cam Jones who was so kind enough to visit me in the show room. I felt so happy to see them and they were so generous with their time. We eventually had dinner together at one of my favourite sea food restaurants in Paris called Marius and Jeanette. Here we celebrated with the gifts of the sea.

Paris fashion week is honestly is very hard work and my sister and I were completely exhausted from the experience but it was really so worth it