THE Louis Vuitton Opening party!




I am taking a break from my Moroccan adventure to quickly blog about the LV store opening party in Solaire. I cannot believe that this is only the second LV store in the Philippines? However I am glad that we have a second one as this is a good sign. I still remember the first LV party almost or more than a decade ago as this was really quite historic! It was a party like Manila has not seen before. So when I got the invitation from LV I knew that even if I just arrived that evening from Europe I had to make it.

The store is really beautiful and spacious and I loved that they even brought in an artisan to explain how the bags are all hand made using some of the most beautiful materials and leathers. After moving around the boutique we went in the party space where there were so many beautiful people. I for one was really “happy” from all the champagne! One thing you should know about me is that I love my bubbles and I may have taken a few drinks too many that evening. Enough for me to break out my Disney Medley repertoire. LOL!

Thankfully I was with well meaning and patient friends that hopefully didn’t mind. Like Kim and Jericho Rosales whose black & White photos are in this entry. I just want to thank the LV people for inviting me and to congratulate them on their second store. I am certain that this will be a certified success!!!