The Majorelle gardens of Yves Saint Laurent!




I would consider it a major crime if I went to Marrakesh and not visit the Majorelle gardens. This garden created by French artist Jacque Majorelle was a true oasis in the dessert. This garden took more than 40 years to grow and is said to be where fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was as his happiest.

The place is already of fashion folklore as I read many articles about the YSL’s romance with Morocco and the gardens. Today the garden is one the most visited places in Marrakesh and is home to a beautiful museum of Berber artifacts and costumes.

The time of the year we visited was considered the low season so there were not as many visitors as usual. Meaning we were able to enjoy the garden with a bit of peace. The artist who created the garden is famous for a particular blue witch was absolutely stunning. Now I know why YSL was so inspired with this place as the colors really pop and stand out. Perhaps it’s the way the sun hits the colors that really make the difference.

The garden is also so inspiring as there are so many varieties of plants, cacti and trees that made the temperature drop and feel cool amidst the dessert summer. When in Marrakesh this is truly a must visit http://jardinmajorelle.com/ang/