The New Hotel de Crillon




Nix and I wanted to take a peek at the newly renovated Hotel de Crillon https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/hotel-de-crillon The hotel has been closed for renovations for over a year and when we were in Paris it recently opened. The Hotel is a land mark property right in the heart of Paris. It has always signified opulence and luxury but in a very quiet and restrained manner.

We were both excited to take a bit of a break because Paris was in some sort of a heat wave. As we entered we immediately felt relaxed and to be honest a bit underdressed as were both in shorts. However the staff and servers never made us feel this way and even encouraged us to look around the common areas to see the beautiful interiors of this prestigious hotel. It was beautiful and although it wasn’t really our personal style I appreciated the beauty and luxury of the entire place.

I chose to stay in a little corner table of the main salon. It would have been nice to sit outside but the heat was really unbearable at the time so the air conditioner won. LOL! Our table was lovely as we got the view of the entire room and there we had some iced coffee, tee and the most beautiful pastries one can imagine. I could have had more but I decided to be good and only indulged with one. It was a really nice little visit as we were already headed home. Perhaps one day when I have saved a bit will stay in one of their beautiful rooms.
However for now this will very much do.